Thursday, September 11, 2008

I do belive in fairies :)

Over the past two months one of the main life challenges I've had to face is the process we all just take for granted "growing up". Lets face it I'm what you might call a mature person... Well 70% percent of the time.. The rest 30% I'm what my friends call a total wild child. But its never been black or white with me. I tend to bring humour along with me where ever I go and sometimes even in the most serious situations. Hence when I got my first job many people told me "Listen you've had your share of fun now its time to grow up." What exactly does this "Growing up" involve I ask and nobody's been able to give me a satisfactory reply.

Well as far as my own observations go I've met people who are barely a couple of years older than me but are "grown up". Then there are those who are well into their mid 50s and still have an air of fun around them. Then I realized what people say when they ask me to grow up. It most of the time means :

1. Dont laugh out loud even when something is really funny. A fake dignified chuckle will do the job.

2. Don't do anything spontaneous AND fun at the same time.

3. Mask your emotions beyond the needed decency level. A good example for this would be if you met your long lost best friend one day, you cant whoop in joy and give him/her a hug. You're just supposed to walk over with a neutral smile on your face and shake hands.

4. The most important rule of growing up. Don't ever have mischievous or naughty ( not THAT way!!!) or crazy ideas. If you do for the love of God don't implement them!( Well this completely rules out playing pranks apparently.)

Only when you follow the above rules are you considered a productive member of society. Utill then your just a silly child.

Well I've made up my mind if growing up involves following even one of the fun(read the sarcasm will ya?) rules above, I solemnly swear that I REFUSE to grow up!!
Yeah well you heard it I'm going to remain this free spirited wild child even when I'm in a nursing home in some retirement colony. So if someone has a problem with that, they better watch out. Because just maybe the next prank's gonna be on them!

Ever heard of or read the story of Peter Pan- The boy who never grew up? Well he says when a person grows up and stops believing in fairies a fairy dies. In my world that roughly translates to a person who stops believing in the magic of life's simple pleasures. Well just for the record I do, I do believe in fairies!!