Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let it rain

Nope I wont give up trying to write sucky poetry :P

Twas a night I tread through the woods
whilst silence filled the wild.
As I walked in awe and a twinge of dread
thunder rolled above my head.
Soon the night smothered out the moonlight,
a slice of icy wind crawled up my spine.
I looked to the skies and saw em fall
slow at first glimmering like drops of stars.
Soon the heavens began to cascade
and the shadows continued to fade.
The cold was now almost in my soul
how I longed for a warm hand to hold.
"Why does fate have to be unfair?"
I asked the gusts of air.
They drifted to me carried by the wind,
these voices spoke from beyond...
"Do not despair, for beyond these realms
another soul walks.
Braving the dark and frost ridden night
he waits for the warmth of your hand.
The night is darkest before the dawn
and when twilight breaks your hearts will unite.
Until that time this pain will remain,
to ease it out we send you the rains.
Smile and you'll feel warmth arise,
in knowing that these woods
will teem with life once again.
But until that time arrives,
let it rain... let it rain."