Sunday, January 22, 2012

The husfriend

This post is dedicated to my biggest fan and my worst critic. My very own husfriend. Happy anniversary darling :)

The husfriend, as I've recently discovered is this delightful creature. The term was coined many years ago. My aunt had a house maid who dint know English but picked up a few words from people around. She referred to a husband as a 'Husfriend' and I thought that the term was really what it ought to be!

The husfriend even after being married to the woman he loves, one who he no longer needs to impress, he continues to dote on her. There are a lot of husbands who once married begin to take their wife for granted and start showing their 'true' colours. A husfriend's true colour is what it used to be before being married.

He is first and foremost her best friend. He is someone who knows her better than she knows herself. Now, this can be mistaken for flattery but its actually far from it. He truly appreciates every little thing she does for him and gently reprimands her when her crazy self comes to the surface. He is also the only one who can really annoy her because he knows exactly what affects her and what doesn't. But he'll just annoy her purely for fun with no other bad intent. He also is the only person capable of making her smile through the worst of times.

I've heard many women complain that though they also work full time jobs the husband hardly helps around the house. Before I was married people told me, 'He'll probably help out a lot initially, maybe for the first couple of months. But routine will kick in and you'll be doing most of the domestic chores by yourself. Don't be angry, it's how all men are. You cant change something very basic.' With a husfriend however, there is no concept of 'help'. Helping is one is doing most of the work and the other makes things a little easier. Its not 'help' when both are equal partners in everything. Its exactly like sharing your space with your best friend.

The term 'through sickness and in health' takes on a painful reality once the glitz of being newly married wears off. A husfriend will drop everything that matters a lot to him and dedicate every minute to the wife when she's sick or feels low, and never once complain.

These are but a few traits, but I think its enough to describe the husfriend in brief. I've seen that a husfriend is most agreeable when the favours are returned. I can only hope that I've been half as good a 'wifriend'.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Goodbye 2011 hello quarter life crisis

This one's been long overdue.

Another year came and went in the blink of an eye. They say time moves faster when you're having fun and it couldn't be more true for me!

Highly chaotic as it was there's just one fair way to describe it, a bunch of chaotic lines

New family
Missing both old and new families
Part time Singapore tour guide
Loads of new friends
But missing the old
Loads n loads of love
Job hunt
More part time Singapore tour guide
New job
New stresses
Indian wins the cricket world cup!
Eating a lot of husband's cooking
Travel travel travel
Quarter life crisis trailer
Happy happy happy inspite of being stressed
Sharing a hospital with Rajini Kanth :)
Lots more of love
Onset of chronic quarter life crisis

More good times than bad. Quite easily the best year of my life.