Wednesday, June 12, 2013

People days

I'm not a big fan of people days. Mother's day, father's day, Valentine's day, Friendship day, I can just go on all day!

I do not need a day in a year to say "Right, today I'll call my mom and buy her a gift and change my profile picture on Facebook so that the whole world knows that I love my mom". I'm not against or mocking those who do, its just not me. The way I see it, it's almost as if we as a people are so detached and emotionally disconnected from those we care about that we need to mark our calendars and set out 1 day out of 365 to remind our selves of one person that we love. One person a day please we can't be bothered with more than that.

I like to believe that I think of my people, talk to them and meet them(Skype counts) more than once a week at least. So if I have something nice and special to say to my mom, she'll know it.. the whole world wont. 

I'm absolutely not against celebrating people. Rather than made-up days, I prefer celebrating anniversaries, birthdays etc, days that are really special for that person or people who you care about. With anniversaries you get to celebrate two whole people in one day!! 

I'm not sure my 'people' know this but every moment that I talk to them, laugh with them and even fight with them is special. Every day, I thank the universe for putting these people in my life and promise to be a better person to try and deserve having them in it. 

Then comes the matter of commercializing the whole thing. People days might be good for the economy but are the really good for the people? Have you never been a single person on Valentine's day? I remember quite vividly, all the posters and adverts mocking you and making your life miserable for a whole 'month of love'. I'd rather do something special for my husband on our anniversary, something that won't make a whole bunch of single people feel like crap. And what about the kids who didn't get any 'Friendship band' on Friendship day? Do you think they feel special?

Not preaching! Do your own thing, or don't. As long as the 'people' REALLY feel loved and special all year round, nothing else matters.

Dedicated to the person who was the first one to teach me how to love. Happy birthday mom :)