Sunday, February 22, 2009

Liberated :)

Liberation- 1 page at a time

I'd been wanting to read the book 'He's just not that into you' ever since I saw it featured on the Oprah show 2 years back. Well as it was I never found a single copy in any of the bookstores. When I heard the movie was coming out, I desperately searched everywhere.. and finally ordered it online.
My intention was to read it before the movie came out.. As luck had it, it got delivered exactly the day after I watched the movie. Well twist of fate aside, I had felt a sense of liberation when I watched the movie. But after reading the book OMG!!!

Liberation begins with the introduction literally.. Its something every girl must read! I would even recommend it to the guys.

It's basically how we, as women, fail to read the lines guys give us.. instead we read in between under over and everywhere but the lines. If a guy you are interested in isn't showing the same level of enthusiasm, the answer is so simple that it doesn't immediately does not appeal to our very sophisticated brains. "He's just not that into you". Thats it!! Sure the verdict is harsh, go cry about it if you have to. But the truth will set you free. As the authors Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo put it "Dont waste the pretty". Move on and let that guy who's meant to write poetry about you find you.

Well nothing I write here will do any justice to the book, so Il just leave that part for you to discover. But here's a few things that personally set me free:

1. When im capable of loving with all my heart and soul, I sure as hell deserve nothing less.

2. Yes its true. Men apparently DO know how to use the phone. And yeah they also are smart enough to find your number even if you dont give it to them.

3. To that guy who's been giving me mixed signals: Screw your signals. I'm only going to take notice when you tell me in words that cannot be misinterpretted as anything else, that you indeed cannot stop thinking about me.

4. To some of my women friends: If companionship, hugs and something warm to have around are all you are willing to settle for.. buy a dog. Dont end up with a jerk instead. Pets (and sometimes even stuffed animals or that nice huggable pillow :P ), are God's way of telling you not to lower the bar. Oh and there's the bonus of loyaty thrown in for free!! (It's never too late to dump the jerk ).

5. The eternal optimist that I am... I belive.. I belive that one day Il thank myself for cutting out the crazy psycho side of me. Because the guy who's arms I'd be in, wouldnt let me worry about "us". Ever.

6. If its meant to be, It'l find a way to happen.. untill then.. Im free :)

Thats about it. I've set myself free and declared it here for the world to see.

P.S: Here's a sneak peek for you to find out for yourself the path to liberation: