Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life on the other side of the web cam

One fateful day last month my life changed forever. Now nothing will ever be the same again. Yipppppeeeee :D

As the wise people say, the only permanent thing is life is change. For most people change comes in one at a time. But the path I chose involved every single thing in my life changing at the exact same time. So with a brave heart, exactly a month ago, I took the plunge called marriage. Its been the best month of my life so far. Life's suddenly one big adventure.

Soon after the event the world moves in a haze of relatives and gifts. Then came the honeymoon in heaven, all through which I kept asking my new husband if it was all real or just a fast paced dream.

After a hurried goodbye to my parents, friends and everything I had called home, I headed off to be part of a new family. It was a wonderful week of meeting my new family and spending quality time with them. More hurried goodbyes and numerous attempts at stuffing my whole life into 2 suitcases later, we arrived at the country that was going to be my new home.

I fell in love with our house the minute I set foot in it. A few hours and lots of shopping and hard work later that house became our home. My new little nest I share with my best friend who was now also my husband.

We spent another wonderful week shopping, sight seeing and meeting a lot of friends. And then it was time for my man to go back to work, and finally some semblance of a routine sunk in. I'm making the best of my time off by going out and exploring this new country with my new friends.

New husband, new family, new no-job situation, new country, new faces, new friends, new home all at once might seem really overwhelming to the outside observer. But for me its just been a wonderful experience. And there's just one reason for it. I owe it to my husband, and all his friends and family who've so far been amazing people. Every single person has really charming and made me feel very welcome wherever I went. Its the people you meet that make or break this sort of a situation and I'm lucky to have these folks around.

Now I see my family and friends from back home from the other side of the webcam. Thank heavens for modern technology. I now have the best of both worlds, and life's going to keep changing. I know I'll do just great, because I have the best people both old and new whom I can call family and friends.