Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness

Well we all know that life often hurls crap at you. Most of the time there's just nothing you can do about it. It can get realllllllllllly frustrating when you are totally powerless to control things that affect you directly and well sadness, anger, hurt, pain all come into picture. Well since there's nothing we can do to stop the man upstairs from playing practical jokes on us.. here's some stuff which I have been implementing to bypass the grief. As I often say "I solemnly refuse to see the cloud between my silver linings". So here are some ways:

1. Nothing like fast music to cheer you up. What I do is I set my ipod to a list of fast dance tracks/happy songs, lock my room door and dance away to glory. Yeah well just make sure the neighbor lady dint choose the exact same time to clean her roof and got to witness it through an open window. (Well I'm just going to consider her share of free entertainment as my good deed for the day).

2. Watch DVDs of the Friends sitcom. These guys never bore me no matter how many times I watch them. I'm soon LOLing and misery is momentarily forgotten!

3. Talking about Friends go get a dose of your real life ones. Dress up (nothing like looking good to feel good) and go out with a bunch of your besties and try not to talk about the grief-causing stuff.

4. Well I picked this one up from Carrie Bradshaw of Sex And The City. When I hit a really low point I buy myself a new sexy pair of shoes (now that you know, you wont ask me why I own so many pairs of shoes). Well I'm not saying everyone will share my shoe fetish but yeah retail therapy helps!

5. Even if you arent a video game junkie, try some 1st person combat/action game with lots of violence and bloodshed. Blowing the heads off my virtual enemies with an AK 47 can really help with the frustration. Just dont blur the line between fantasy and reality!

6. Smile!! Sounds cheesy? Just try it. Faking confidence actually helps you gain some. Once you realize how many people are happy to see you happy, your smile wont be so fake anymore :)

Will keep adding more as I implement them. In the meantime go grab the world by the disco balls!!!!