Sunday, October 25, 2009

As simple as that

Not fiction :)

It was a Sunday morning. The weather was perfect.
Aphrodite stood on the side of the street waiting for her friend Artemis to pick her up. She stood there with her extra heavy laptop, because a Sunday doesn't really mean a holiday in some cases. She smiled as the car drew up and got into the passenger seat. Artemis greeted her with a huge grin and a quick hug. "Its been a while", said Artemis. "Yeah, its good all of us are gonna be there today" said Aphrodite. A CD was playing and they squealed collectively when their favorite song came up. They lowered the windows, increased the volume and sang aloud with the wind in their hair... "Take me awayyyyyy".

A few minutes later they were at the door. Gaia opened the door with a big smile. Athena and Fortuna were already there. "About time!!!" said Gaia, and added "Oh no don't tell me your gonna connect and work!!!" she added when she saw the huge bag Aphrodite held. "I'm afraid I have to, for a few hours atleast",she replied. The other two joined them and they got talking to Gaia's aunt, who wanted to know all about Artemis's latest trip to the mountains. Suddenly Aphrodite's laptop started making a weird humming noise. "Be carefull, it sounds like its going to explode", said Athena laughing. "Noooo something is very worng!!" cried Aphrodite. "Oh God I think it just crashed!! I cant work!! Oh what am I going to do?", she panicked. The other four were quiet. She tinkered on with it a little longer and then declared, "Theres no hope, looks like the rest of my day is free" and the others whooped in joy.

They soon moved to Gaia's room and once out of the earshot of the aunt burst into spontaneous story telling. There was so much to discuss! Artemis's big trip and of course, boys. It was utter mayham before all of them swapped stories. There were heart breaks, new romances, office politics. There was a lot of relief as the girls shared their pent up frustrations and mixed emotions of boys and work: past present and future. The same favourite song played along in the background.. "..There's a place that I go, that nobody knows, where the rivers flow, and I call it home. And there's no more lies, in the darkness there's light. And nobody cries there's only butterflies.." If there was any song that could truly capture the moment that was it right there.

They then had lunch and suddenly decide to head out for ice cream. They laughed carefree like a bunch of 5 year olds. They looked a lot happier than most 23year olds at any rate! Men or no men these girls didn't need anyone else to truly cherish life. Thats what good friendship does to you.

Well life can be that uncomplicated, really. To find happiness in good company. Its as simple as that. :)