Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Decoding the language of MANkind

Disclaimer: This material is written to be of assistance for WOMENkind so all guys reading this I mean no offence...just being plain honest... And this material has been compiled using information from many experienced women so its not just my opinion.

Are u a frustrated girl trying to understand what exactly a guy is trying to communicate to you..? Is this process driving u nuts and make u want to pull your hair out...?
Well your not alone!!! hundreds of poor girls like you and me are trying in vain to do just that..!
What we have to understand is that the male brain just was'nt designed for efficient communication.

Here are some preliminary points that'll help you get started:-

When he says:-

1. "lets see.." he means "not happening!!"

2. "I'll give it my best shot" he means "I'm telling you very nicely that i cant"

3. "Why are you so worried bout later lets live for the moment" he means " I have severe acute commitment phobia"

4. "I dont ever want to loose you as a friend" he means "you are too ugly to be my girlfriend but i want you to stick around in case I run out of options"

5."Now why are you making a huge issue out of this" he means "You just touched upon a topic I dont want to discuss.."

6."Please dont complicate things" he means same as above

7. "Promise me whatever happens we'l always stay friends" he means "In all probability Im going to cheat on you so dont hate me then"

8. " we make such an awesome team but......." he means " we're breaking up honey!!"

9. "Why are you talking in riddles..?" he means " Im way too lazy to make an attempt to understand what your saying"

10."Women are complicated!!!" he means "Damn these girls.. they hit the nail on the head and I have to say this to keep up my pride"