Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wiki describes Apocalypse as "lifting of the veil" or "revelation". I think I might have had a mild version of it.

Its stupid to think that you would go to sleep one night felling one way, thinking one way, and wake up a completely different person! But that's exactly what happened on the night of 31st Dec 2009.

When I woke up on New Year's day 2010 I felt lot different upstairs. I no longer felt certain feelings towards certain individuals which just the previous day was hanging around in the recesses of my mind. Apart from that, my whole list of priorities were all shuffled up. I felt very unattached to things that bothered me till the moment I fell asleep the previous day. I felt free.

Maybe this was no miracle. Maybe 2010 triggered off this big fat alarm clock which I'd probably subconsciously set for myself. For what you ask? For cutting the CRAP out of my life. Some where along the line I'd set my self a deadline to get rid of the baggage.

To give up the comfort of my old ways isn't easy. But this false security was getting me nowhere in life. I don't even know if this new attitude is the right way to go about life but I guess I'll live with the consequences. So cut chop snap it is. Out with the fake friends, out with the people or situations that make me feel unworthy.

So if you really are not as happy as you ought to be, its time to put your foot down and tell the non-sense givers to take a hike. Forget about the consequences and do it for the sake of your inner peace. Look at where you stand right now in the big picture you had dreamt for yourself and ask yourself this: Is this how you thought things would be in 2010?

As Christopher Columbus puts it "You can never cross the ocean unless you loose sight of the shore"