Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Age Narcissism

Almost anybody can be a celebrity now. And its getting easier to become one. I'll tell you how. Log into Facebook/Twitter. Put up a really controversial status message and WHAM!! You're a celebrity!

Its been a while since I logged on to my favorite social networking website or chat client and haven't come across at least one status message, post, picture or video link that doesn't make me want to instantly disown that person as my friend. People have discovered a whole new forum for seeking the attention that they crave.

Gone are the days when you updated your status with something witty or humorous, or just something interesting you did or came across. These days all I see is a bunch of people showing off blatantly about their latest most expensive purchase, their romantic conquests, and things that are way too personal, just so they can get a bunch of comments that runs into the hundreds.

These are my top few 'Annoy' material.

1. The friend who's so full of love she's not afraid to display it.
A picture of her exhibiting public display of affection to her boyfriend, which is not appropriate to be viewed by people under 18 years of age, is definitely NOT an appropriate display picture for a profile/instant messenger. She and I are no longer friends on Facebook.

2. The friend who blatantly lies to garner publicity.
Jane: "Just had a near death experience in the bus on my way back from work :( " -via Mobile net
This is followed by at least 50+ comments ranging from shock to sympathy.
Why am I annoyed? I was on the same damned bus!! A sudden brake is NOT a near death experience!!!

3. The mystery relationship status
"Annie is in a relationship"
Comments go like this
"Oh wow seriously? Who who?" ( Picture different forms of this line in at least 30 different comments)
Annie replies "He he he its a secret ;)"
If it was so secret why put it up??

4. The ever breaking up friends/couples.
This can get annoying if the people fighting are both on your friend list.

John and Jane are in a relationship

The next day
John is no longer in a relationship.
Jane is no longer in a relationship.

The day after
John and Jane are now friends. John found Jane using friend finder.
John and Jane are in a relationship.

Few hours later
John is no longer in a relationship.
Jane is no longer in a relationship.

John: Some bit**** are just out there to ruin your life
Jane: Men are scum!!!

At this point I break. I do not want to witness their on-the-rocks relationship every time I log in. John and Jane have been discreetly un-friend-ed.

5. The guy who tells the world every minute of his boring existence

Just woke up all kicked to watch the new movie Endhiran!! 9.00 am
On my way to the multiplex. Soooo excited to watch Endhiran. 10.00 am
Just got my tickets to watch Endhiran!! 10.20 am
Sitting in Inox waiting for Endhiran to start. 10.45 am
Half an hour into the movie!! Its amazing so far!!. 11.30 am
Damn its the interval!! Im loving Endhiran. 12.40pm
Ooooh final fight scene of Endhiran. 1.40pm
Just finished watching Endhiran!! it was amazing!! 2.00pm

Yeah he's no longer my friend either. Don't judge me I'm sure he'll post a spoiler for the next movie!

6. The girl you barely know who comments on every single thing you say, or every picture you post.
"Hey dint you wear this outfit like last friday?" or "Woah your nephew looks just like his dad in this pic!" or "Woah nice pic of you and the girls. That night was so much fun too bad I dint get a picture with you guys!". I just wanted to reply: "No sweetheart we havent met in ages so you probably have no idea what I wore last friday", "Have you ever seen my nephew's dad to see the resemblance???", "Yes, that night was fun. Mostly because you weren't there!!". But no, I just patiently deleted the comments and moved on with life.

7. The girl who posts a picture of herself, dressed only in a bathrobe, sitting provocatively on the edge of a bathtub and makes it visible even to friends of friends.
She gets like 150+ comments in 30 mins. Mission accomplished, congrats. I get queries from a dozen male friends who can see the pic. My friend list count gets reduced by one :)

The list goes on but even recollecting them is making me squeamish. I think one day people in general will get sick of these posts and the people who comment on them will get too lazy. Until then, enjoy your daily dose of narcissists every time you log in!!
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