Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another year wiser ( I hope!!! )

Well It's been another year already... :)
Seems like just a while ago my friends were throwing me my "surprise" 20th birthday party...
For my 21st looks like they finally mastered the art of "surprises".

This year has been one hell of a roller coaster ride... More extreme than ever before.
Wait a minute!! I've said the same thing every year for the past few years now.
But looks like it just gets wilder as i get older.
I've felt the saddest and the happiest... loneliest and crowded.. done some pretty wild things but been bored to death other times.. been the most heart broken and closest to being in love... felt totally unwanted and totally needed and loved.

Whether this means life's just going to get crazier or maybe its just a phase of growing into adulthood only time will tell. In all probability life's just going to be more routine and monotonous once I start working and there just wont be time or energy to feel or do anything very extreme.

All that I plan to take away from this year of my existence is all the joy and the extreme happiness its brought me... The pain and the guilt stand forgiven and forgotten.. At least this year ended on a happy note with me feeling like the queen of the universe.!
Hopefully when I'm stuck in some kind of "routine" life (I sure as hell hope I always have time for fun!!) I'll think back on this year and especially the people who made it so colorful, I'll smile and feel warm inside again..
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