Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just like magic

The offspring of frustration and optimism.

Today was one of those really really bad days when every single thing goes wrong. Every one of em, work, life, love, you name it and it went horribly wrong. This got me into a total well of frustration. Then I thought to myself what's the point of today? Where the hell is my silver lining supposed to be..?

Silver lining... the thing you optimistically look for to save yourself from a depressing situation. This simply did not exist today. So I looked for something else.. magic. Life's magical moments which take your breathe away every single time you think about them. Considering I've had a lot of those in the past week I thought I'd better write those down to sing "These are a few of my favorite things" someday!

  • My cousin telling me out of the blue, that she loves me like a sister and that she thinks I deserve only the best, when she made me promise that I would never compromise for less than best in love or life. Magic: When I knew she truly believed every word she said.
  • My first International night flight,crossing the day-night line. When I saw the bold line of bright vivid orange in the distant horizon in the midst of inky darkness. Magic: Understanding why they call it breaking dawn.
  • When someone unexpectedly said just the right thing at the right time to cheer me up. Magic: Someone on the other side of the planet coming to the rescue of my fragile mind.
  • Standing awestruck before the world's tallest fountain in all its musical glory. Magic: Knowing I earned my way to be standing there.
  • My best friends listening patiently (and even appearing interested!!) in my work-sob stories of frustration. Magic: Having a bond that's lasted 20 strong years.
  • Casio G shock watch... well quite expensive. Magic: The look on my brother's face when I gave it to him... well priceless.

It works just like magic. 1 minute I'm upset and the next there's a smile inside my head that'l take a while to fade. To quote a line from the famous song I spoke of earlier "When the dog bites, when the bee stings or when I'm feeling sad. I simply remember my favorite things.. and then I dont feel so bad".
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