Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another helluva trip around the sun

Well it was another brilliant birthday! Thats what you get when you put most of my best friends under my roof :)

Things to be remembered and pondered upon:

Simple things in life like eating lunch together can be the most rewarding experience. Partying does not necessarily mean go out drinking or clubbing. Its just the right company that does all the magic!! A big thank you to all my angels who made my day!!!!! (My two other personas thank you too ;) )

The ones whom you love the most have the ability to get you hurt pretty bad. Though I guess this more your fault than theirs for investing too much of your happiness in them.

Hope there will be many more trips around the sun. A lot more smiles and a few less tears. Many happy times and fewer misunderstandings. Finally hopefully life will be just a little more fair.
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