Sunday, December 5, 2010

Seperation anxiety

A very wise person recently told me that the only permanent thing in life is change. We've heard this told and instilled in us right from childhood. Why is it that in spite of this, its still hard to accept when it actually happens?

I recently quit work. Why? because I have to get married to the love of my life and go live with him in a faraway land. Logically it was a good time for a change for me work wise and a big exciting step forward in life. But when it actually came to the last day at work I had to summon up every ounce of strength to keep from crying. Especially when everyone were saying such nice things about me! I really think people shouldn't wait for farewells to say nice things about each other.

Apart from work itself, there are other things I'm sure I'll never have again, no matter how good my next job is.

My girls. I love them sooo much and sometimes the only reason I had, to get out of bed and live to face the day, was the hope of looking forward to coffee and lunch with them. You just know it when you make friends who'll be with you forever. And its painful knowing you wont see them everyday anymore.

My whole team. I doubt I'll ever find another crazier and fun bunch than the ones I worked with. I know I'll have many more teams to work with in the future but I doubt they'll really work their way into my heart like this one.

Monday blues. I'll probably have em again soon. But I'll miss the cold and cloudy Bangalore-Monday-mornings where all I want to do is just crawl deeper into my blanket and not come out.

The grandpa in the tea shop , the cleaner lady who stares at me with unblinking eyes in the ladies' room, the super rude bus driver who thinks the bus is a Formula1 car, the ever smiling sweet corn vending machine fellow, the yummy samosa chaat in D2 cafeteria, my work ID badge, my super cool Amex corporate card and last but not the least, my 50% corporate discount at a popular spa. You all have touched my life and will be sorely missed!!
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