Saturday, July 9, 2011


Yes I am back after a hiatus. After a period of writer's block, new job stresses, and the lack of time to breathe, I am back.

My own struggle with my new job and the general situation of a lot of people I know just got me thinking? Why do almost all of us make a living out of something we cant stand doing?

I loved my new job in the beginning. I actually spent a while where there was absolutely no such thing as Monday blues. But when the stress notched up a lot and the whole reality of the corporate politics sunk in, Mondays make me physically nauseated.

And as it goes, we all start off thinking we are doing something we are going to love. But what happens when you realize its not exactly what you wanted? Well what almost everyone I know does is just swallow the frustration and get on with it. Because at the end of the day its what gets the food on the dinner table.

Its very idealistic to say just quit and find something you are passionate about. Its true though not practical. What I found is a middle path. Do what you are hating ONLY if you can justify the suffering for something worthwhile. And often we don't have to look too far. For most people its found at home (well wherever the heart is).

I saw a guy on TV who cleans public toilets and he said, the days he gets completely disgusted he thinks about his precious little daughter and how he might afford to actually send her to college one day, and that gets him going again.

My inspiration is sitting on the couch as I type. The thought of building a life together (as opposed to him doing all the crap and me just sitting on my backside) just instantly makes me feel like its all worth it. Maybe one day when opportunity knocks and I can actually get a big break (or make a break for myself) I'll definitely do something I truly love.

To all the folks who never have Monday blues, I salute thee. For the rest of us - keep the IM of life open, opportunity pings very rarely but it just might!
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