Thursday, August 9, 2007


Hmmmm..... Yup you guessed it! This is just another one of my depressing musings. So how do I start..? Well have you ever thought about what your purpose in life may be? The reason why you landed on the planet screaming and crying? Ah lucky are those who think about this and actually have an answer.

They say that life is a giant game of chess. Where you are just a pawn moved around by the unseen hands of fate. Never knowing where you'll be moved next or whether you'll be cast away and discarded once you've served your purpose. All's fine when you know you are serving your purpose but why do I feel like I've already been discarded? I mean I'm still in the game being moved around mercilessly but just along with the flow of this game. A forgotten pawn on the edge of the board. Or maybe I'm on the wrong chessboard all together. Because my 'moves' don't really seem to matter or affect the overall picture.

Obviously some would argue that its not all up to fate and that the choices you make play a very important role in the way your life turns out. Well I choose to be good and nice to all I meet, try to go out of my way to help out a friend in need, etc. Now the logical conclusion should be that I have a great life with lots of love to go around. Think again. I'm on the completely wrong chessboard. Here the people I care most about do nothing but hurt me for no apparent reason. Or pretend to care just out of guilt. So no matter what i do or don't do no body's really going to notice or make an effort to work things out.

So should I give up caring altogether? As easy as it sounds that's the hardest thing for me to do. Hence here I am moving with the game giving, caring, loving hoping against all odds that one day I'll make a move that'll win this monstrous game. Before I'm checkmated and discarded.
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