Saturday, August 18, 2007


Another desperate attempt at song/poetry writing :)

The night grows dark

while my heart grows cold
alone I walk
blindly through the snow

A shimmer I see
a dull shaft of light
cuts through the gloom
a ray of pure moon light

Cant take my eyes off it
that glimmer of hope
slowly it grows stronger
and many lands I see yonder

Brighter it glows
the face of the ripe full moon
illuminating the vastness
and the dark recesses of my mind

A warmth grows in me
melting the ice on my bones
a rush of happiness I feel
a joy surreal in my soul

Soon the moon will set
and nights are yet to come
when the moon will wax
and fade away into the darkness

That brightness I'll never forget
in my mind its image will rest
to get me through stormy nights
my precious and pure silver moon light
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