Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rainbow googled!!!!!!!

Today we live in a world where there aren't many mysteries. We have the answer to almost any question. Any vague doubt on any topic under the sun and you needn't look too far for the solution. Consider a child seeing a rainbow for the first time. Does he feel happy for witnessing this marvelous unknown (to him) phenomenon? Nope he just runs it through Wiki and there's the answer!! There you go just a simple matter of physics nothing to feel exhilerated about. While this may be a good thing for most matters it gets me wondering whether its really good for our thinking abilities.

One example of this which originally got me thinking was the latest harry potter book. Which I personally loved. But when I went to a conference page of a fan web site I was shocked by what I saw there. Hundreds of people were not satisfied with it. Why? because apparently the author leaves too many questions unanswered. I scanned the questions and looked up the pages in the book. None of the questions needed answering...!! They were those questions where even in our own non magical world remain unsolved mysteries. Things like "How exactly is love the greatest weapon..?" or even dumber "Whats behind the door in the department of mysteries..?". Now I'd really like to tell the person who came up with the latter question ... Its the department of MYSTERIES for Pete's sake why cant people let it remain a mystery. So it went, question after question which people of an earlier generation or thinkers of our age would've found as interesting debatable or thought provoking questions which here seemed to anger the fans to no end!

Have we become a generation of spoilt people who need to have everything at our fingertips..? Have we turned into creatures who cant think, cant imagine and just need to be told ALL the answers right away..? Is this one of the reasons that kids these days prefer a movie to a book.. Where is that sense of wonder that we have lost..?

I'm not talking just about the books. Look around you. When I was a 6 year old I used to believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy and so on. Go ask a 6 year old today if she believes in Santa she'll probably laugh and say "Oh come on get real!!". Why is it that in today's gadget and technology driven world we have lost the simple joys of childhood? Even adults don't have faith in anything anymore. Do we consider ourselves so knowledgeable that we refuse to open our minds to the possibility that there might be a greater power watching over us..? People want proof for everything. If the questions remain unanswered or there's no definite proof they simply rubbish the idea.

Overall it seems to me that most people today are devoid of imagination, narrow minded to life's little mysteries and tempers generally run short if something is left unanswered. Rainbows are no longer looked at with with a smile but rather with a thought of "Oh I know how that happens . No big deal". We are slowly losing quality that differentiates us from supercomputers on one hand or animals on the other. That quality which makes us uniquely human - the joy of silently appreciating the unknown.
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