Monday, April 7, 2008

Soul Song :)

Yet another futile attempt to rhyme.. what the heck I couldn't care less as long as the feeling shows :D

The sun has risen in the east

The fresh air feels like a treat

There's a smile on my face

And my heart’s a bubblin

Bubblin with happy

My worlds technicolor again

Why this sudden surge of joy

I cannot explain

I can feel the love that goes around

I can hear a distant sound

Like tiny little bells tinkling

A wave of soothing feeling

That which feels like melted chocolate

Or the warmth of my favorite blanket

Im still tingling at my finger tips

Breathing in this magical bliss

Sure it might rain now

But I know I’ll find it somehow

A little ray of sunshine

Just enough feel fine

And get my heart a bubblin

Bubblin with happy

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