Sunday, August 10, 2008

OUB - The Order of the U******** Beauties

Dedicated to the sister hood. Love you girlies soooo much *hugs*. Was supposed to do this for friendship day last week. Kindly excuse the dealy :)

They say every great group in history has a wonderful tale behind it... Well ours is a simple one really. Here's how it goes..

The OUB consists of 5 friends who've known each other from kindergarten. They got to know each other a little better in 7th grade over playground games and lunch break discussions. Before they knew it they were in separable. They'd been through it all each other's first crushes heart breaks and many other little events that makes a little girl grow up. When they left school they never really made any promise to stay in touch. But stay in touch they did! They met up once in a few months but thanks to the advent of technology they pretty much knew every single detail of each other's lives. Just goes to show how true companionship needs no promises.
Pretty soon our little beauties were all grown up, but still single :) Yes every single one of them. But did they fret about it...? nope.. They instead realized the sisterhood they shared would take them through any curve ball life would throw at them. Thus one lazy Sunday afternoon somewhere along the bylanes of Brigade road the OUB was founded. The sisters of this order love each other so much and have actually reached the degree of closeness that they now are capable of even reading each other's minds.. Lets meet these unique individuals who share this lovely bond

Athena: The goddess of wisdom this one. Smart with a quirky sense of humour this girl has amazing patience. Which she needs inorder to deal with the vast number of mental cases that seem to endlessly surround her. Kind hearted and simple and a great support to the order.

Nimbus: The girl with a boy's name. This goddess is famous for her helping nature and the ability to smile and be nice even to people who don't deserve it. Never fails to cheer up the rest of the order. A wonderfull example of an ideal friend.

Fortuna: The goddess of creativity. Seems silent but is a bundle of good ideas. Be it great fashion sense or her take on the male species you know whom to go to whilst in the quest for an honest opinion. Sweet and sensitive girl who'll keep your secret safe.

Artemis: The goddess of good times this one. One extra bubbly girl who's sense of fun is highly contagious. There'll never be a dull moment with this one around. Always ready to help or listen to endless sob stories this girl knows just how to make you feel loved.

Aphrodite: The goddess of gab. This girl is famous for her capability to keep the conversation going. Though her stories are never boring. Sweet and caring girl who can switch in a moment from being a silly child to a mature adult as her friends need her to be.

The bond that these goddesses share is more than 10 years old now and is stronger than ever before. They have transformed together from being silly little girls to mature independent women. Over the coming years their bond will only get stronger.

One of the principal missions of the OUB is to see that all of them go from U to T. One day in the not so distant future they will make the transition. The order claims that Aphrodite is not U any more but she says that what she did is not good enough to be considered T.

Today the order continues to enjoy the adventures the sisterhood has to offer with Aphrodite now officially the godmother to help the others make the transition from U to T.
They are confident that no matter where life takes them or what ever ocean or continent separates them they will forever remain soul sisters.
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