Saturday, July 19, 2008

Darwin was a genius

The following is purely non fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely intentional.

Charles Darwin once coined the phrase "Survival of the fittest". Little did he know the magnitude of what he was talking about.

Well I'm not talking about natural selection or evolution of species... I'm talking about evolution of a different kind. Human survival.

No again not talking about air, water, food or shelter. The basic nature of adaptablity is something I've been thinking of. How people change... How they resist change..
All of us go through major life changes every once a while.. new school, new job. Not everything is perfect in the new place. What do people do when they dont seem to find company or detest the surroundings for some reason..?

One of 2 things

Either leave their prejudices behind and go talk to the people around... If they aren't exactly their "type" they just change their idea of "type" entirely and go with the flow.. Sure they feel rather uncomfortable for a few days but then they get used to it and start having fun. If its the surroundings that bother them they try changing it or at least find some positive aspect about it.

Then others on the other hand don't mingle at all for a long time... Or mingle very minimally and constantly crib about the surroundings and rant about how much better things used to be or could have been.

Over the last week I've met both sets of people.. The 2nd sort are happy to begin with preferring to be alone than to be in "wrong" company. Or derive some weird satisfaction by telling every soul in hearing distance how perfectly horrid everything is. But as the days go by they get depressed and a vicious cycle starts there. The end result is a dull boring life and poor performance at work or school.

The other set find it a little exhausting at first trying to understand these new people around and manage with whatever they can get. But in some time they are happy and positive and lead comparatively active lives.

But people are not strictly black or white.. Everyone eventually moves on and gets accustomed but not without leaving that bitter taste behind. It all just depends on the individual's ego and the time which they take to 'crossover'.

The human ego is probably the biggest hurdle to happiness. So if you cant beat em... what are you waiting for..?? Go join em!! :)
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