Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Will

I've decided to write my will. Why? well...It started as a regular day at office. A friend of mine forwarded this mail to a bunch of us, and we started pulling her leg over *ahem* certain contents of the mail, and pretty soon it became a group chain email. There was a point where I made some really wicked comments. I casually remarked to my other friend with whom I was chatting that this girl was definitely going to kill me when she read it. Well now that lead me to think 'damn what will I do with all my earthly possessions if she did kill me'!! :D Which was when I decided I'm going to write a will. Well here it goes!


The following is how all my earthly possessions are to be divided in case Im not around to donate them.

1. All my money goes to my parents and my bro. Funny since I've never given my bro pocket money :D Well ok on special request do wire a small chunk (15% specifically) to my "Uncle Maams" with this note "Pozhachiko!" ;)

2. Coming to the more important stuff.. My precious and much coveted accessory collection is to be finally placed on exhibition and then equally divided among my girl-friends, only the ones who can recite the names and personality traits of my multiple personalities. *

3. My precious book collection must be auctioned and sold to the highest bidder. All proceeds are to be donated to the Give-Mr Mchink - a - makeover foundation.

4. All the cool stuff on my comp can be accessed only by the half a dozen people who know my passwords.

5. I grant custody of my two fishes Brucer and Valerie to my almost- sister/neighbor.

Coming to last messages and wishes:

1. And to Mchink.. Sorry dude what I feel for you can only be described as lust not love.

2. To my bestest friends.. yeah I know that you know who you are.. yes this includes you mousey.. Party hard!!! See you soon downstairs :D

3. To my 4th grade teacher... yeah lady Im coming back to haunt you. A promise is a promise!

4. And since in all probability it will be Preethi Sathyanarayana who killls me please allow her one last visit from her "American" father figure :D im sure he's verrrrrrrrrry proud of her ;)

*Conditions apply: In case any of the afore mentioned friends were accomplice to murder they wont be recieving any share in my accessory collection.

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