Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lost and found and lost again

Yet another poetry attempt!! (yeah i've lost my mind.. literally)

Peace reigned until then
then, when you came along
and at that moment it escaped me
like a caged bird set free.
Looking for that which I lost,
I swam through the sea
the green ocean of my misery.
I searched the multitude of minds
for the one that's only mine.
In this blue vortex of altered reality
a hundred miles long
there it was nestled in a song.

I embraced my warm mind
glad to be whole again
and aloud to you I cried
"You may have tried,
but save your glee
for I have found me,
I will not surrender to thee"
A flash of blinding purple lights,
dazed I saw you laugh
"This time its not your mind I seek
for now I know that its not weak".
A spark of realization in my soul
flared at the speed of thought
and with a clouded sense of de ja vu
I watched as your words came true.
Quick as a blot of light
before I could put up a fight,
it escaped me ere I had a chance
without even a backward glance.
Exhausted now, I set out to start
a new quest for my stolen heart.
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