Monday, May 25, 2009

(NR)IPL - (Non Resident) Indian Premiere League

Well another 1st.. My 1st article im blogging from my phone.

When the much hyped IPL began its 2nd season 5 weeks back there was no doubt in my mind I was about to be hooked. After all me being a cricket fan, suffered from withdrawl symptoms when the 1st season concluded last year. I knew this time wasn't going to be much different. Boy was I wrong. :) I dint just get hooked. I became a fanatic.

'Can you get a billion people do the same thing at the same time? Well we can..' advertised Set Max, the telecaster of the IPL. They sure did it! But at which point did it stop becomin an addiction and progress into fanatism I still cant figure out.

Thinking back.. The thing that did it for me was probably when Royal Challengers Bangalore won their 1st match after a really long time. Me being a true blue Bangalorean stayed loyal and RCB came through. Every match they won after that gave me that extra high, almost like a reward for stickin with them through thick and thin. Now comes the strange part. Somewhere along the line, it turned into something very personal to me. In a lot of ways all through my life people have seen me as the underdog. To see the underdog come on top brought me back my faith.. very literally. Suddenly the only thing I wanted was to see them win. When they made it to the finals against all odds, I was on cloud nine. But at this point in my mind we'd already won. Some part of me knew that this in itself was too much ask so I should let it be. So when we lost the finals by 6 runs I sure was disappointed.. I did think RCB lost so I'm gonna loose too. Thank heavens that moment passed.! I came back to my senses just in time to realize that I was taking this way too seriously.

Thats when I realized thats there's a new way of looking at this. Just like my beloved RCB I will make it to my finals. But I wont screw up :) Then i chided myself for actually basing my life's result to the result of a sporting event. But thats cricket for you. Cricket may not always be life but life is definitely a T20 game of cricket!

And as I sat there blaming myself for missusing cricket for my vague life lessons.. I looked at the tv. They had just turned a game of cricket into a concert/ beauty pageant. Ah well atleast I'm not the only insane person :)
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