Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keeping the Faith

Heard a lady say this on TV today "If we all got what we wished for, God's gonna be out of a job". I thought to myself thats not true!! Im thankful everyday. But after the hypocrite in me faded I realized its true. Every small problem in life is a test of faith. We don't really look to the Universe or God unless we're in relatively deep shit.

Ok so lets say I'm a deeply spiritual person and I sometimes have to believe that a higher power will look out for me and help me with situations totally out of my control. And lets say I've gotten my way most of the time so yes it hasn't been very hard to keep the faith. What happens when things don't really go my way, or I'm watching a situation unfold over which I have absolutely no control over but one that's definitely going to turn my world around (or upside down). How long will I keep the faith?

Will the same power which I just thanked for sending me moments in my life that literally took my breath away, listen when I ask to be rescued? Will there be a light at the end of the tunnel? And if there's a light will it just be a train that's gonna run me over? :D

All I can really do is wait out the storm, and hope that my faith was strong enough to keep my ship afloat. It is hard, but for now I'm keeping the faith.
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