Monday, July 12, 2010

The Answer

Dear Mr Arun,

You asked me the other day, why exactly I said yes when you asked me to marry you. Well as it often happens when my head's overcrowded with a million emotions, I was lost for words. Well I seem to have found them along the way.

I get swept off my feet
every time our eyes meet.
Its the way you look at me
its like you see all that I can be.
You put me in a state of daze
and now I know that
'weak in the knees' is not just a phrase.
It not just that you make me laugh,
its the fact that you can make me smile.
Its the tiny little things you say
that quite simply take my breath away
Its your silly lil goofy smile
that makes my heart skip beats for a while
Its the passion in your voice
that's not giving me another choice,
But to simply let you know my dear
I'm locked in for life, I wanna be your wife.
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