Thursday, January 6, 2011

The rollercoaster I call 2010

It's been one heck of a long year for sure. But one hell of a ride too. I've learnt some significant life lessons though, which I've been meaning to jot down here. But its really hard to focus when your whole mind is forever captivated by just one delightful being. But inspiration strikes and here it goes.

Its true what they say about happiness being just around the corner. Yes I was indeed running around in circles, until one day the universe decided to cut me some slack an throw me a corner.

The world is filled with strange crazy people. But there's something to learn from everyone. However, just think twice before inviting the crazy ones to your wedding cause you cant un-invite them.

If something didn't work out (job, deal, relationship, whatever) its only because you deserve something much better.

You can learn a lot even from other people's mistakes. For example I learnt that drinking and 'facebooking' is as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Luck definitely favors only those who are prepared, and are ready to work their backsides off for what they want. Wallowing in self pity does not get you anywhere.

Farmville and Lexulous addictions are very serious addictions and im proud to declare that Im now over 8 months sober!

Having a positive attitude is not one of the ways to be truly happy. Its the ONLY way. I made no mistakes in 2010. I only discovered a zillion ways how things can go wrong.
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