Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another milestone behind me..

They say the years you spend in college will probably be the best years of your life. Well... its true!!

Here I am a couple of weeks left for the last engineering exams I'll ever take... and it still hasn't sunken in.. that this is it... its over...

I really wont be missing the exams and the tension much :) but I'm sure as hell gonna miss all my friends! It's hitting me little at a time.. no more singing songs in the back benches during lectures.. No more taking crazy pics in class.. Never again will I open my homemade lunch in the canteen and watch a dozen hands tear up my mother's cooking... No more group cramming for internals in the last minute (where we ended up laughing more than we studied).. No more getting yelled at by the owners of ice cream parlors and coffee shops because we made "excessive noise"...No more people having crushes on each other in college.. even worse no more pulling anyone's leg about their crushes! How could I forget no more wild partying ( especially not on top of buses at 3 a.m atleast! ).

Obviously we all plan to stay in touch but I wonder how many of us actually will find the time to do it. I think the friendships you make during this time defines who you become and shapes your personality. Sure I'll meet a bunch of new people and make some more great friends... but the friends who stood by you when you came of age can never be replaced. I will look back on these years and it'll probably hard to pin point the exact time that I made the "transition" into adulthood but I'll always remember all the people around me when it happened. I hope I've grown up enough to make it in the real word without the constant support of all my buddies.

Ive been trying to rephrase this next line because its something everyone says all the time and don't really mean it. I've been trying to put it in a way to bring out its meaning and to prove to everyone of my friends how much I mean it. But looks like there is just one way of saying it after all... I'LL MISS YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

I wish the very best to each and every one of you!! Hope life treats you fair everyday!! Will see you all in all the happy reunions to come :) take care
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